Pinpointing pest damage in a home

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Once you have found what you believe to be your dream home in Schenectady, it may be difficult for anything to deter you from pulling the trigger on the transaction. Yet as many of our past clients here at Higgins, Roberts & Sprunowicz, P.C. can attest to, running into such a decision without first doing your due diligence may end up being a decision you come to regret. 

One element that needs consideration prior to purchasing a home (especially when you are not the first owner) is potential termite and pest damage. The assumption is that you can spot such damage the moment you walk into a structure, yet that is rarely the case. If you are counting on a home inspection uncovering it, then you should not. 

A home inspection vs. a pest inspection 

Like most, you may think that a home inspector covers every aspect of a structure. In reality, however, a home inspector typically only examines elements related to a home’s function, such as the foundation, the roof, the plumbing, and the HVAC and electrical systems. They will likely report any apparent pest damage, yet if it is not visible, they may miss it. According to the resource website, dedicated pest control professionals perform actual pest inspections. A home inspector may offer some probing services, but at an additional cost. 

Protect a pending purchase 

When buying a home previously lived in, you should push for a pest inspection (you can even seek to have the added cost included in the purchase price). Your contract should also address the action to take if the home fails the inspection (either by releasing you from it or mandating that the seller cover the repair costs). 

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