Critical things to look for in your real estate contract

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Buying a home in New York may provide you with a valuable opportunity to invest in your future. If leveraged the right way, your home-buying process may benefit you in more ways than one and allow you to boost your credit score, increase your assets and provide stability for your family.

One of the most important aspects of buying real estate is a contract. This formal agreement provides legal verification of the relationship between you and the seller, as well as protects your interests and intentions.

Verify your understanding

Thoroughly reading through your contract may enlighten you about what will take place during the transaction. Often, a comprehensive analysis of your contract may help you uncover any confusion you may have. Knowing what to look for in contractual documents may optimize your time and efforts to understand and prepare for your purchase.

According to, some of the most critical components to look for in your real estate contract include the following:

  • Closing date: The day of completion for all formal interactions and transactions between you and the other party.
  • Home warranty: The conditions which dictate your home’s coverage for repairs and maintenance via a home warranty.
  • Contingencies: Compromises between you and the other party which require observance before completion of the transaction.
  • Escrow: Formal arrangements for financing between you and the other party to guarantee that all money is paid in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Earnest money: The required amount of money for you to upfront in preparation for buying your home.

Protect your future

Should you end up in the unfortunate predicament where a seller tries to take advantage of you, the contract you signed may provide considerable protection. With the support of a legally signed document, you may provide evidence of an agreement that supports your claims. If you would like more information about conducting residential real estate transactions, please visit our webpage.