Ending your marriage even though you still love your spouse

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If you still have feelings for your spouse, you have a number of issues to take into consideration if you are thinking about getting a divorce or are already in the middle of the process. For many people, filing for divorce is an easy decision, but some people have a very hard time dealing with the end of their marriage. Moreover, some people find themselves in the middle of a divorce because their spouse wants one, even though they want to stay in the marriage.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2018 divorce rate in the U.S. was 2.9 per 1,000 people (based on data from 45 states and D.C.).

Looking at the unique details of your marriage and divorce

Every married couple is in a different situation. Sometimes, couples save their marriage by working with a counselor, while others are unable to avoid divorce (even if one party wants to stay in the marriage). If you are able to work together with your spouse to end your marriage, this can help the process move forward smoothly and lead to a more favorable outcome afterward. Moreover, some people even remain close friends with their ex after the divorce process is complete.

Looking into the ways in which divorce will change your life

From having the ability to move across the country (or world) to finding a new partner, devoting more time to hobbies and having the ability to work more hours, there are many ways in which life can change after divorce. It is important to think ahead and consider the benefits of getting divorced, even if you do not want to. Moreover, you need to make sure your interests are protected during the divorce process, even if you still have feelings for your spouse.