Documents needed during divorce proceedings

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Divorce could involve intense settlement negotiations or even a lengthy trial. Some New York couples may wish to move forward with proceedings as fast as possible merely to put an end to the stress associated with a troubled marriage. Divorce is a process that involves several steps, and divorcing couples must have everything in order. Such things include paperwork and documents essential to the proceedings.

Paperwork and divorces

Particular documents might serve as vital evidence during divorce proceedings. Financial documents would be vital since both spouses’ earnings and assets come up for discussion when negotiating asset distributions and spousal support. The court will require the parties to substantiate their asset and earning claims, and pay stubs and brokerage/bank account statements may suffice.

Self-employed spouses might need to provide additional information, such as business expenses that reduce profits and earnings. Both spouses will likely need to provide tax returns, as matters related to tax debts and filings may come up in the proceedings.

Additional document matters and concerns

Many different items come under review during the divorce process. The family home would be one, and questions arise about the deed. Does one person own the property, or is it jointly held? Questions about solo or joint debt come up, along with ones about who pays for the obligations. Statements related to debt, such as IRS or credit card bills would establish debt amounts.

Auto titles, life insurance policies, pension documents, and more may require examination. Ultimately, anything related to finances may be under consideration during divorce proceedings.

One party may attempt to falsify or withhold documents. Such actions might lead to dire legal consequences once the court realizes what is occurring.