Why is it best to avoid social media during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Divorce |

Nearly everyone uses social media these days. However, if you are going through a New York divorce, it’s important to avoid it. You should know why you’re better off without social media during this time.

Anything you post is never private

Although you might believe that you have the highest-level privacy settings configured on your social media pages, nothing you post is truly private. If you are still connected with mutual friends and family members of your estranged spouse, you never know where their loyalties lie. You might think a friend is closer to you, but they could turn around and report to your spouse. That could turn things ugly in your divorce.

Your photos could be misinterpreted

Posting photos to social media is commonplace, but during a divorce, your images can be used against you. Even if you post something you think is innocent, others might not see it that way. A simple photo of you hanging out with a friend of the opposite sex could be misconstrued as you having a relationship with that person and cheating on your spouse. Post only innocuous images until after the divorce.

Your children could be affected

Venting all over social media about your impending divorce can be hurtful to your children. Even if they’re not old enough to have their own social media pages, whatever you post could get back to them if someone who is connected tells them about it. Your children could grow to resent you and suffer from anxiety or depression.

It could compromise your case

Whether you’re expecting to receive or pay alimony, posting on social media could compromise your divorce case. If you post something that appears to flaunt your finances, you might be awarded far less or ordered to pay far more than what you should by the court.

The best thing to do during a divorce is to be wise on social media or just avoid it altogether.