Protecting Your Data With A Digital Estate Plan

Although we are a large, established firm, at Higgins, Roberts & Suprunowicz, P.C., we strive to keep current as trends and technology changes. For instance, we know that the way many people now store and use information is mostly electronic, instead of using paper. You should seek out an attorney who can help you protect these data once you pass on or become incapacitated as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

This new, emerging area of estate planning is known as creating a digital legacy plan or digital asset protection. We like to think of it as estate planning for your cyberlife. At Higgins, Roberts & Suprunowicz, P.C., located in Schenectady, New York, we can help you execute the appropriate documents that will dictate what will happen to all of these records and who will have control of them after you pass away or become incapacitated. We can help you decide who this digital personal representative should be and the extent of their duties in taking over your digital estate.

Our firm can help you plan for the handling of all types of information stored through different modes of technology, including:

  • Personal correspondence and files
  • Email accounts
  • Business contacts and relevant business documentation
  • Sensitive financial information
  • Archives of creative portfolios for professionals
  • Personal photos and other media capturing memories and family history
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

These records may be in emails, on external websites, hard drives, flash drives, CDs or other storage devices. We can advise you on effective ways to inventory your digital assets as well as the login and password details needed to access these records, so that your personal representative can administer them in a timely and efficient manner.

By setting up a digital asset protection plan, you can avoid this information from being lost or your loved ones not having access to crucial information such as bank accounts and contact information to notify others of your passing. A digital personal representative can also control who has access to this information as well as distribute records, archives and data that can be used to retrieve other assets in your estate.

Creating A Will For Social Network Accounts

Creating a will for social network accounts also has a number of benefits. It can specify what you would like to shut down as well as what should be posted to notify contacts of your passing or illness. Having a plan of action for your social media can also alert people you may not be in constant contact with as well.

Contact A Digital Asset Protection Lawyer Today

We make time to meet face to face with clients to discuss their concerns, enabling our attorneys and staff to internalize the details and draft a plan that precisely reflects the client’s wishes and best interests. Advice and answers to questions are never more than an email or phone call away. Contact us today by calling 518-631-5609 for a personal meeting. Depending on the details of your legal matter, we may be able to offer you a free initial consultation; please contact us for more information.