Taking Steps To Protect Your Future Financial And Physical Welfare

As part of our comprehensive estate planning services at Higgins, Roberts & Suprunowicz, P.C., we help you prepare the appropriate documentation of powers of attorney and health care proxies. These decisions will play a pivotal role in ensuring your wishes are honored later in life.

Health care proxies — You have the option to legally name one person to make necessary health care decisions on your behalf should you become medically incapacitated for a time.

Power of attorney — Your durable power of attorney document will name the person you wish to act on your behalf in legal and property matters while you are medically incapacitated.

Living will — Rather than leaving decisions regarding your acceptance of life-sustaining treatments to a person, a living will legally states your wishes on potentially end-of-life treatments.

New York Power Of Attorney Lawyer

It is important that you have the knowledgeable legal guidance of a New York power of attorney lawyer to assist you in making these decisions. Establishing these details as part of an estate plan sooner rather than later is far less expensive and saves you the financial and time-consuming distress of facing these decisions in the middle of a crisis. Seeking guardianship at the last moment is a lengthy, costly process in court, and you run the risk of being assigned a different guardian than you wished.

When you pass, your estate will be distributed, either by an “estate plan” outlined in New York state statues for those without a will, or you can create your own. Only in drafting your own will and advance directives can you ensure that your wishes will be respected and your affairs managed by those you choose.

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