Advocating For Your Child’s Best Interests During And After A Family Breakup

One of the most emotional and difficult aspects of parting ways is making the hard decisions surrounding the best interests of your children going forward. Parents hope that the separation will be as seamless as possible, but often the children are swept up into the asset pool in the middle of the battle.

Child Custody Law Firm

Our lawyers will work with you to attempt to negotiate a custody agreement, with the hope that it will proceed as peacefully as possible. If both parties are unable to reach a resolution, however, we will take the necessary measures to represent you in court. Our skilled litigation team has the experience you need to fight for what you feel is best for your children. We investigate each case thoroughly and take pride in making all preparations necessary to appear in court.

Our team is equipped to handle special custody cases, including those involving sole custody, unmarried parents, paternity issues and grandparent interests. As always, the primary objective is to achieve what is best for the children, and sometimes this calls for a less conventional resolution. We will put our experience to work to help ensure that the children have a family arrangement in which they can thrive.

Clifton Park Joint Custody Attorneys

As the custody agreement ages, we will represent you in future custody and visitation issues. Should modification needs arise, whether from situation and income change or relocation, we will help your attempt to reach a new agreement that again addresses your concerns regarding what is best for your children. Our Schenectady joint custody lawyers are sympathetic to your concerns and will fight to protect your best interests.

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