Protecting Your Rights To Your Property With Title Insurance

When buying or selling property, many people choose to “save money” by declining title insurance. That decision can be disastrous. Owners have been forced out of their property or asked to pay on mechanic’s liens they didn’t know existed. The result? Costly legal disputes.

We want to help you prevent these disputes by securing your title. We are Higgins, Roberts & Suprunowicz, P.C., a Schenectady law firm that has had a tradition of trusted service since 1837. As approved title agents for two major companies — the Chicago Title Insurance Company and Stewart Insurance Company — and as attorneys, we understand the laws and benefits surrounding title insurance, and we can use that knowledge to help you protect your rights to your property.

Why Buy Title Insurance?

When someone buys residential or commercial property, they receive a title, which is the right to use and possess that particular property. Their ownership rights, however, could be hindered by previous liens, judgments and easements on the property. Title insurance protects you from circumstances that could negatively affect your ownership rights or your property sale, including:

  • Outstanding tax liens
  • Outstanding mortgages
  • Improperly vested deeds
  • Outstanding judgments against the property
  • Notary issues
  • Easements that allow others to use the property

Through title insurance and a title search, the property’s history is revealed, and any legal issues are addressed before you take ownership or sell your property.

Work With A Team Of Recognized Attorneys And Estate Agents

Our firm has been a local name in real estate law since our earliest days generations ago. We have the resources you need to work through any real estate legal issues that arise during your purchase or sale of property. Contact our lawyers via email, or call 518-631-5609 to discuss your options for title insurance.